Premium Cherry Picked Deco Packages of Live Rock for Sale

Live Rock for Sale in Packages to fit all Tank Sizes!

Our premium live rock packages are built to fit small, medium and large tanks. Responsibly sourced off the Florida coast, these come with years of live growth that include all forms of soft corals, crabs and possibly even a sea cucumber or two.

The live rock packages are only shipped overnight to ensure that you get the freshest and best quality upon arrival. Let us know if you have any special requests about time and delivery. We will also do our best to ensure you get pieces specific to your tank type if that's important to you!

Premium cherry picked deco live rock sourced off of the Florida coast and shipped to you overnight.

THIS INCLUDES SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. That's right, all orders are either $2.95 or free over $50. Why? Because we don't like to shop and get turned away by crazy shipping fees, so we're saving you the trouble too.


Amazing live rock pieces that come with over 20 years of plant and coral growths. Very porous, no boulders. Rock is packed and wrapped with water to keep it alive and is only shipped priority overnight within the continental U.S. Choose the size that fits your tank or order multiple for a larger aquarium. If interested in something specifically for a nano tank, for example, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate. This really is some beautiful stuff, you never know what you might end up with.  

(Shipping elsewhere and in specific quantities may be available as well upon request. Email us with any questions you may have regarding this incredible live rock.)