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Powerheads can be used in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums to simulate natural water flow either from a stream or ocean current. Depending on the type of environment you are trying to create, one can be placed at the end of a tank to simulate a river, or multiple can be placed throughout the tank at different angles to create "waves" for the reef dwelling species.

The power heads all attach to the tank wall via suction cups and magnets. We always recommend using stronger attachment devices for added stability, especially with established reef tanks, but almost any angle can be achieved with these and a little extra attention to adjustment and placement!

We offer different sizes and voltages for whatever your needs may be, personally we prefer these for larger tanks.



You can never go wrong with a powerhead to create a more natural and active tank. Not only do the critters like it, but water circulation can also be beneficial to the fish tank environment in general. These are a great price compared to your typical powerheads and still get the job done.


Voltage: 220-240V

Sizes: 2.5W 3W 6W 12W 24W 48W

Customer Reviews

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Excellent pump flow!!! The seller has advised me on 190л and great thanks to him for!!! I am very pleased with the result!!! Guide removed because, to me they did not need… Delivery to your door, very fast delivery!!! Thank you the quality and speed of delivery!!!


Fantastic! Thank you Excellent pump. Recommended


Goods almost happy. His own fault. Before placing your order, decided to consult with the seller. Allegedly, bank 300 L. 1.5 m long. What Kind Of pump is best to purchase? He advised JVP-202. I typed in YouTube review on this model. Leading channel in the video was enthusiastic, but used it in the pot 500l. I decided that for me it would be a bit much. AND took the weaker, the realized that nothing. Now have to take the. At most it will be possible to connect through the dimmer switch and adjust the flow. Everything else was great!!! THANKS FOR THE USEFUL ADVISE. 5 stars.


Slightly larger than expected but further he works fine

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